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Mr Janak Mehta Received the ‘Deming Distinguished Service’ Award

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Sitting left to right : Mr. T.K. Balaji , Chairman & M anaging Director – Lucas TVS Ltd . Mr. L. Ganesh , Chairman – Rane (Madras) Ltd., Mr. Hemant Madhusudan Nerurkar , Managing Director – Tata Steel Limited. Mr. Hiromasa Y o nekura , Chairman – the Deming P rize C ommittee, Chairman – Japan Business F ederation , Mr. Daisuke Matsumoto, Vice Minister – Ministry of Education, C ulture, S ports, Science and Technology of Japan , Mr. Makoto Nakao , President and C hief Executive O fficer – GC Corporation , Mr. Janak Kumar Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director – TQM International Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Roop Salotra , President and CEO – SRF Ltd, Chemicals Business, Mr. B. Mishra, Chief Executive – Mahindra & Mahindra , FES, Swaraj Division.

Standing left to right : M r. Tsuneo Kita , President & CEO – Nikkei Inc. , Mr. Tadaaki Jagawa , President and CEO – Union of Japanese Science and Engineers, Mr. Masahiro Sakane , Vice Chairman – Deming Prize Committee, Chairman – Komatsu Limited , Dr. Noriaki Kano, Chairman – Deming Prize for Individuals Selection Committee , President – Kano Quality Research Office, Dr. Hiroshi Osada , Chairman – Deming Prize Examination Committee, Professor – Tokyo Institute of Technology, Dr. Kazuyuki Suzuki, Former Chairman – Nikkei QC Literature Prize Selection Committee, Professor – The Univ. of Electro-Communications.

Mr Janak Mehta – Founder President ISQ, Chair ISQ International Relation Committee,has been awarded ASQ’s Lancaster Medal 2012.

Lancaster Medal presented to Janak Mehta – For outstanding contributions to the development, dissemination, and promotion of a holistic approach to quality management encompassing environmental responsibility and conservation of resources with emphasis on increasing mutual prosperity across all social strata; and for perseverance in nurturing the Asian Network for Quality to its 10th anniversary and establishing it as a significant entity in the global quality community.