Indian Society for Quality (ISQ) is a not-for-profit society established in 1996 to fill the need for a national forum for interaction among quality professionals, leaders, practitioners and academics. ISQ is a non-partisan, independent body that attracts and invites individual members from business organizations, health care and educational institutions, government agencies and NGOs. Members share their knowledge and learn from each other. ISQ is thus engaged in both creating and disseminating knowledge.

ISQ is well linked to similar national quality bodies in other countries. It has represented India in the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) from its very inception, and has hosted two ANQ Congresses, in 2004 and 2010. ISQ is the national partner from India of the international Quality Innovation Award. ISQ is the face of India in the world of quality.

ISQ has instituted awards for outstanding and selfless leaders of quality at the national level. There are awards for industrialists, professional heads of organizations and quality promotion bodies, besides counsellors and Gurus in the quality discipline who have served India.

The activities of ISQ include the flagship Annual Conference, Seminars, Contests for projects and case studies, specialized Training programs of importance, and the Newsletter. Plans for the future include promotion of research and working with universities, organizing symposia, linking quality to sustainability, publishing and offer of certifications. It is ISQ’s policy, nevertheless, that it shall not provide consultancy services to organizations. ISQ is also not engaged in what is commonly known as Quality Infrastructure, comprising metrology, standards formulation, accreditation, and conformity assessment.

The work of ISQ is carried out principally by committed volunteers and those who render their services in honorary capacities and offer pro bono services. ISQ is grateful for the support of organizations committed to quality, who have enrolled as Foundation and Corporate members.

Join us today to build a Quality India.