Dronacharya Award

Dronacharya Award is given to recognize people who have made significant contribution to the Indian society through their work of teaching and counseling in the field of quality management with humility, dignity, respect for others and a sense of service.

Jamsetji Tata Award

Jamsetji Tata Award is given to industry leaders who have made significant contribution to the Indian society through their work of leading on organization with exceptional and holistic focus on quality. They are persons with humility, constancy of purpose and determination. The Award is given to those who have demonstrated outstanding results and are role models.

2021–Mr. Nandan Nilekani,
Co-Founder and Chairman of Infosys Technologies Limited

2012– Mr. L.Lakshman Executive Chairman of Rane Holdings Limited, Chennai

2009 – Mr. K. Mahesh,CMD Sundaram Brake Linings Limited. (Padi)

2008 – Mr. B. Muthuraman, CMD Tata Steel 

2007 – Dr. Surinder Kapur, CMD Sona Koyo Steering Systems Limited  

2006 – Mr. Arun Barat Ram, CMD SRF Limited.

2005 – Dr. J. J. Irani, Director Tata Sons 

2004 – Mr. Venu Srinivasan, CMD TVS Motors

Ashoka Award

Ashoka Award is given to management professional who have led their organizations and guided others, making exceptional contribution through the practice and promotion of quality management of sustainable results, with humility, industry and passion.

2021 – Mr. C. K. Venkataraman,  Managing Director, Tian Company

2019 – Mr. G. Parthipan  , CEO, Rane TRW Steering Systems Ltd, Chennai

2016 – Mr. Rohit Saboo President NEI-Jaipur

2015 Mr. Ashok Sharma President and Chief Executive Agri Business Mahindra Group.

2014 Mr. Anand Sen –President, TQM & Steel Business, Tata Steel

2013- Mr. Anjanikumar Choudhari President of Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.

2011 –  Mr. V. R. Janardhanam, COO, Sundaram Brake Linings

2009 –  Dr. Krishan Kumar, Director, Maruti Centre for Excellence,

2008 – Mr. K.J Davasia, Director MIQ   

Mr. R. Srinivasan, Managing Director RAS Transformation Technologies

2007 – Dr. N. Ravichandran, President (Operations) Lucas-TVS

2006 – Mr. Kiran Deshmukh, COO Sona Koyo Steering Systems Limited

2005 – Mr. C. Narasimhan, of Sundaram Clayton   

Harsha Award

Harsha Award introduced in 2017, it is given to  people  who made significant contribution to the promotion of quality management principles, concepts, techniques and practices, leading to the improvement in the performance of the businesses.