ISQ Annual Conference And IAQ Forum 2012 was held on 26-27 November 2012at Hotel Le Meridien New Delhi


Theme of the Conference was: “Reinventing Quality for Tomorrow’s Challenges

The market economy has produced unprecedented volatility and financial crises, while threatening to be even more unstable. The warning signals to humans on earth are real, and denial is no longer an option. The giants of quality ‐ men like Shewhart, Deming, Juran, or Ishikawa ‐had been revolutionaries. They had addressed the real industrial problems of their day with vision and profound thinking. They had propelled a world‐wide movement that had forever changed the way managers would look at their jobs. The present quality professionals can no longer ignore these or other issues such as hunger, malnutrition or disease. We must play a more pivotal role in creating a better world. We must get back the hearing of world leaders.

What steps should we take? Should we gradually step into the peripheries of our current domain? Or should we come up with a new revolution in one full swoop? All options are open. But we must start a serious debate. Can we reinvent quality to meet tomorrow’s challenges?

Conference was divided into 6 Missions each with a sub theme as under:

1) Sustainability the Quality way‐For better corporate economics
2) Quality in corporate governance – For the society,
3) Developing the new professional‐ Steeped in the Quality Way
4) Healing the world – A quality approach
5) Humanity and planet earth – New Quality based approaches 6) Educating the world citizen – For new challenges.


World renowned quality professionals as under who have excelled in their respective fields made presentations.

Sr. Mary Jean Ryan (USA), Mr.TetsujiOhashi (Japan), Prof.Noriaki Kano (Japan) , Dr Wolfgang Kaerkes (Germany), Mr Robert King (USA), Mr.Roland Jahnke (Germany), Mr Zhang Gang (China)

Some of the Indian CEOs as underalso shared their knowledge and experiences
Mr Ajay Shankar, Mr Arun Maira, Mr L Lakshman, Mr VenuSrinivasan, Mr Janak Mehta, Mr B. Mishra, Mr Kiran Deshmukh, Mr N. Ramanathan, Dr Narottam Puri, Mr S Sandilya, Mr Bharat Wakhlu, Ms HarleenKaur and Mr S Gopalakrishnan


This year’s conference brought out the profound aspects as under:

  •  Quality is the driver for profits.
  • TQM has solutions for every challenge.
  •  Methods of TQM can be universally applied.
  • Success of TQM requires a long‐term viewpoint.
  • Motivation for TQM comes only from the market.
  • A new professional is required to face the new quality challenges that will be posed by the future
  • The most important driver of TQM is the passion, the heart, and the spirit of members of an organization.


Presentations as under were made during the conference:

  • Mr B Mishra President welcomed all the guests, speakers and the delegates.
  • Mr Ajay Shankar Secretary, National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council delivered the inaugural speech.
  • Mr Arun Maira Member Planning Commission Government of India was the chief guest.

Please click on the follwing to see the presentation of the Speakar of ISQ Annual conferece 2012


Mr L Lakshman, Chairman Rane Holdings Ltd was given Jamsetji Tata Award for the year 2012 for Life Time Achievement in successfully managing business through quality and contributing to creation of quality culture in society and thereby prosperity for the people of India.


Platinum: Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd; Farm Equipment Sector
Gold: Indian Oil Servo, Sona Group, Tata Group
Silver: Bengal Energy, SRF
Bronze: Minitab, Total Oil India
Supporting Organizations: National Institute of Quality and Reliability Quality Council of India
Vote of thanks

Mr Kiran Deshmukh, ChairConference Committee and Vice President ISQ summed up the proceedings and proposed a vote of thanks to Chief guest, speakers guests, delegates , sponsors and the organizers for the success of the conference