President’s message.

It has been a privilege for me to be elected as President of ISQ for the second time after my first stint from 1996 to 2002. My compliments to Mr. Kiran Deshmukh who steered ISQ until April 2020 and contributed to the development of Chapters in Bangalore, Pune and National Capital Region (NCR) involved in promoting various initiatives with active participation of members.

Since February 2020 we are amid COVID-19 Pandemic, the worst in 100 years, causing havoc in terms of suffering due to health, millions losing their jobs and economic contraction by 23.9% in first quarter of FY 21. We cannot change the past but have the option to act in the present (now) and contribute to speedy recovery that could generate employment for millions.

As professionals from the field of quality we can contribute to reduce waste in the form of scrap and rework, improve efficiencies while maintaining and improving environment. Contribution by each one of us may seem miniscule but collectively we can make substantial difference.

The three ISQ chapters have taken some initiatives in this direction. Wish them success in their endeavour that could encourage others to join.

Anyone willing to make personal contribution is welcome to join this endeavour.

Let us work in the voluntary spirit for the benefit of humanity at large.

Warm regards,


September 18, 2020