January 1, 2021

Dear Members,
The year gone by has been difficult for most people while many have suffered a lot more. This Pandemic is considered to have caused more havoc than any other natural disaster in over 100 years. Thanks to technology vaccines have been developed in a record time and is available in some countries and expected to be available in India soon. Situation is expected to improve but may take many months to get back to normal.

Under such circumstances ISQ has increased its activities substantially thanks to the efforts made by so many members from all over of India more particularly from South, West, and North through active chapters. Need to build on this base and reach out to many more members and through them to various businesses and the society. To enable this the Bylaws of the ISQ has been changed and unanimously approved by the members at the last AGM.

I sincerely thank our members for their contribution and eagerness to promote the cause of quality across the country and beyond. Such effort will enable us to realise the vision of the ISQ to become amongst the leading quality societies in the world making sustained contribution to the people of India.

On behalf of the Governing Council, I wish you a safe, enjoyable, and successful year 2021.