Subject: Reflection on the year gone by and greetings for the new year 2022

As the year 2021 comes to an end it is a good time to reflect and learn. The year started with a big hope of recovery as the COVID 19 cases declined to about 10,000 a day by early January. However, the hope was short lived with Delta variant ravaging though India from April to June peaking around 400,000 per day by end April. Thereafter holding steady at about 40 to 30 thousand cases per day from July to September before reaching acceptable level of around 10,000 in December. This has been the most difficult period in the history of India in the post-independence period in terms of lives lost, people suffering, and quality of life, especially for the poorer section of the population.

This year the focus on environment and sustainability has become sharper as the global warming continues unabated with its disastrous impact on the planet and its inhabitants. Pandemic contributed to the acceleration of digitization to address business issues through remote operations and for becoming more efficient with the help of advancement in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Consumer sentiment and business resilience, even in difficult period of operations during COVID, helped in revival through V shaped recovery. During these difficult times Indian Society for Quality (ISQ) represented by the professionals from quality and other line functions from various business organizations made useful contribution through variety of initiatives.

In the context of country’s need to expand its share in foreign trade through exports as one of the key requirements for enhancing per capita GDP to raise the standard of living and for addressing the environment issues of sustainability for survival of Planet Earth, ISQ embarked on restructuring itself to meet the dual challenge. As a first step the ISQ mission and vision were revised to meet the future requirements in context of environmental and technological changes. To realise the new vision ISQ organization has been restructured, rule / regulations revised, and Bylaws modified.

There has been enthusiastic response from the ISQ members through active participation. A new chapter was established in Chennai that has been quite active. Number of programs through remote channels have increased including four outstanding presentations by eminent speakers during the Quality month. Participation from ISQ members in offering case studies for international competition for ‘quality sustainability award’ and ‘quality innovation award.’ At ANQ Congress 2021 held in South Korea, ISQ presented 2nd highest number of papers. The year ended with ISQ Conference 2021 held in hybrid mode in National Capital Region with about 100 participants in person and over 350 registrations on virtual mode. Keynote speeches from some of the world / India leading speakers were very well received. Four individual awards were presented for outstanding contribution. On the whole it was a great success.

Many younger members of ISQ took great initiative in planning and organizing these events. That augurs well for the future of ISQ and its role in building organizational capabilities as we enter the New Year with hope for a degree of normalcy despite new variant Omicron, and aspirations for rapid growth of economy for the well-being of the society.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone healthy, harmonious and prosperous New Year 2022 where we contribute towards activities that help in realization of ISQ vision in consonance with its mission.