ANQ Congress Delhi 2010 : Theme

Quality for Inclusive Growth of Asia

The ANQ WAY states:

Various regions of Asia form Asian Network for Quality with the Goal of contributing to creativity, integration, prosperity and quality of human life in Asia through a Strategy based on constancy of purpose, knowledge creation, voluntary spirit and system approach to improvement; living the Asian Way of harmony in diversity, mutual respect and austerity; following Core Values based on honesty, flexibility and self-control.”

Quality for Inclusive Growth of Asia, the  theme of ANQ Congress Delhi 2010 is taken from ANQ Goal of ‘Quality of Human Life’ which states:

“Contributing to the ‘Quality of Human Life’ where people live with dignity and achieve balance in fulfilling physical, emotional , intellectual and self-actualisation needs in harmony with nature.”

This is at variance with the current context of prosperity as defined in the western societies that primarily focus on the GDP growth through a market driven economy. This approach

It is believed that the Asian Way can make a useful contribution in developing an alternative model through a new definition of quality that may lead to prosperity in a holistic way, in balance with the nature and within the composite nature of the human being.
The theme of the Congress is to share experiences in developing the new approach. The concurrent sessions are therefore uniquely designed, with a wide footprint that address transformation needs of an entire nation across its various sectors, viz:

7th ANQ Congress held in Tokyo in September 2009 was very successful with over 350 participants. India had hosted 2nd ANQ Congress in 2004 which saw the largest participation ever. India has once again been given the honour to host 8th ANQ Congress. We expect over 1200 participants including 250 delegates coming from 20 countries of Asia, USA & UK. 200 high quality technical papers covering seven streams shall be presented (Oral & Poster) during the congress. This year’s event promises to take the ANQ Congress to a truly international level.


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